Monday, April 23, 2018

How to remove last name on facebook

hello youtube this is creations
tutorial and today I'm going to show you how to use facebook without surnames
or only your nicknames in your account so let me show you the trick how to do
this.At first let me show you my official website for any kinds of
cyber forensics or hacking videos you can search for this channel. i have given
two videos on how to hack a spy on whatsapp and 5 tips for  Facebook.And also  so do subscribe if you
like these videos so now let's directly we move on to the
trick in which i'm going to show you so at first you obviously need to log
into your account from which you are going to change your name or surname or remove your surname. so let's login ok so here as you can see my profile. i have logged in
to my profile my name given here is Kevin Parker actually it's not My real name  but still
its  good so at first go to settings by clicking
on this icon as you have seen here you can see general account settings let us see that without any trick or
without something special can we change facebook stylish name or remove our surname
from our facebook profile sorry my internet connections is a bit slow so here it is
just backspace the last column and review change so as you can see here it is written
with a cross mark that you must provide a surname so this is The trick I'm in which i'm going to show you how
to remove this last column and just give your single name in your facebook
account so for that you will need a proxy server actually indonasian proxy
 server as we know that only indonation people are allowed  to give
single names on facebook as for they have longer names that's right so on google search GEO proxy from

this will mix it is actually in chrome extension click on the first link
through this is extension we can change our next top of pc's proxy to the
indonation proxy so that the facebook officials will think that we are using
facebook from an indonation country ok so it's been downloaded you can see adding
to Chrome so we have slow internet signal it's stupid slow here you can see it's done your geo proxy is
here this is the icon of Geo poxy so we need
to change our proxy now click here and in the down scroll bar
search indonesia after india it is and
search for proxies so here you can see a small list of
proxy servers which you can activate on your pc so i will recommend the first
one so here you can see proxy is set
port as you can see now the facebook officials will think that we are
using facebook from Indonesia now to make this perfect we'll need to change
the language of your facebook account also to the indonation language so in
the settings tab click your language and first column you can see here change the language to bhasa Indonesia
will save the changes as you can see here the changes had been set and my facebook
account totaly being seen in the indonation language. of the first tab
let us assume that it is the general settings as I also cant read  this is
still it's a guess you can say okay it's loading actually one more  thing I
 want i  to say you that when you use any kind of proxies or
 than the web you are using becomes too much slow actually the reason is
that we are suffering it from the indonation servers and it's being
a long journey through those. so it's open click on this tab to edit your name as
you can see that now the set language has been changed and the proxy has been
indonation so the facebook officials I will just tell them show them that I'm
using from indonation country and in fact am an indonation so do  backspace the last
name now let's check I think this is save changes
in this i guess i'll also has been loading so
here you can see it is done it's asking for the password it up
always asks for password when you change your name in facebook account - I'm entering
my password Save Changes so it's here you can see
the name is only Kevin without any surname oh here you can see only Kevin this was
the method through which you can remove your surname if you don't wish
to give your surname to the public for the virtual world you can do this trick you can use this
obviously to change your account name or actually remove your surname - thank you



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