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7 facebook tricks for comments must try

Facebook, being world's biggest Social Network, is likewise a place to find new intriguing things, companions, brands and so forth. While remaining inside Facebook, you can seek external Web, Get Latest News, join rivalries, do visiting, video calling and significantly additionally intriguing things.READ MORE : More Articles on Facebook

For straightforward folks, Facebook is negligible a system to do full time tattling, investigating however for Tech Geeks, it is additionally a place to complete a ton of tests, traps and astonish the companions associated with them.

On the off chance that you are utilizing portable Facebook then additionally there are numerous Facebook deceives you can use to upgrade your versatile Facebook utilizing knowledge.


Along these lines, for You, a similar Technology People, here we are speaking to 50+ Most Wanted Facebook Tricks that you may didn't know yet.

1. Influence Facebook Status To refresh Blue 

At whatever point you post any notice on your Facebook Wall, Facebook Groups, Fanpages, you generally discover the shade of Status refresh is 'dark' and there isn't some other alternative to redo them. Attempt it on Facebook traps.

Clear Facebook StatusBlank Facebook Status

In any case, utilizing this code, you can make your Status Blue.

@@[1:[0:1: your announcement goes here ]]

Simply supplant "your announcement goes here" with the status you need to put.

2. Change Anchor Text For Personal Profile/Fan Pages 

Facebook gives you a chance to label a companion or fanpage by utilizing @ image took after by their name you can label Our Fanpage, utilizing  in Status Updates, Comment and so on.

As a matter of course, the stay content used to connect Fanpage or Friend's profile URL, are their Name yet you can redo it for notices by utilizing this these straightforward advances :

Stage 1: Get Numeric ID of Facebook Profile/Fanpage by going to Supplant 'username' by your, your companion's or your image's Fanpage. That URL's Numeric ID will show up.

Stage 2: Now, you can change Anchor according to this code:

@@[0:[YOURPAGEID:1:New Anchor Text]]

Utilizing 0 at the place of 'New Anchor Text will utilize Fanpage's Name as grapple.

New Facebook AnchorsGreen Boxes are Anchors for the same Facebook Page

*Note: The code ought to be utilized twice in notice or there will be consequences, the trap won't work.

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3. Utilizing Profile Pic Emoticons in Facebook Chatbox 

This isn't really a trap however a component presented by Facebook in 2011 that gives you to utilize Fanpage/A chance to profile's Display Pic as emoji in Facebook talk yet utilizing Username/Numeric ID as [[username]].

For e.g., To utilize TFanpage Profile Pic as emoji, utilize [[tec] or [[133278376826827]].

Here are some awesome fury faces:

Not terrible Obama: [[169919399735055]]

Me G usta: [[211782832186415]]

Always Alone: [[177903015598419]]

F better believe it: [[105387672833401]]

Poker confront: [[129627277060203]]

Approve confront: [[224812970902314]]

4. Influence your Display/To profile Pic "Un-interactive" 

Numerous individuals don't need others to click there profile pic and view expanded rendition of it. In this way, on the off chance that you additionally need to make your profile pic un-interactive, simply take after these means:

Stage 1: From your course of events, explore to Photos - > Albums - > Profile Pictures.

Stage 2: Select your present profile pic and set its protection to "Just Me" from default "Open". That's it in a nutshell.

There are numerous other such Facebook Privacy alternatives.

5. Altering Any Facebook Webpage, Anyhow 

Would you like to alter any Facebook Webpage? This trap will let you to alter any website page, of Facebook as well as for each site page you visit from your program. You can put your own announcement, information, and so forth anyplace. You can evacuate components like Tables, Images and so forth. Read – How To Edit Any Webpage Anonymously ?

6. Make Your Own Facebook Chat Emoticons 

This trap will disclose to you how to make your own Facebook Chat Emoticon by utilizing and picture of your decision and producing numeric code to use on Facebook Chatbox. Read Here

7. Remain Undetected – Disable Read Receipt highlight 

In the event that somebody sends you message on Facebook and you don't answer him or simply read and overlook the message at that point Facebook's Read Receipt highlight will tell the sender that you read his message and didn't answered. The component turns out to be particularly irritating at some point.


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